4K Video for Filming Professional Camera GPS Auto Return Home Follow Me Tap-Fly Drone

£246.99 £461.90

Professional 3-Axis Gimbal Camera

Drone now has an incredible 3-axis gimbal which allows you to record cinematography like the pros by producing the smoothest of video footage.

What's the big deal about a gimbal?

A gimbal allows the drone's camera to remain at the same angle REGARDLESS of the drone's movement. This means that regardless of how sharp you turn, or how windy it is, or how fast you fly, the camera willremain perfectly steady AT ALL TIMES.

The majority of similar drones do NOT have a gimbal, but Fligthtelf is changing the game!


Sony 4K Camera With EIS Anti-Shake Technology

Working in tandem with the 3-axis gimbal, the Electronic image stabilization (EIS) provides smooth video in situations where a camera is brought subject to vibrations and other movements on by external forces. The result? Clear and precise images – even in scenes with lots of motion. Drone cameras need to capture photo/video in windy situations while traveling at high speeds and making sharp turns. 


Brushless Motor x 7 Level Windresistant

If you're looking for a durable drone with a long lifespan like Flightelf, make sure it's equipped with brushless motors. Brushless motors are much more efficient, durable, powerful, and are also quieter than drones with brushed motors.

A BRUSHLESS motor uses oppositely attracting magnets to provide thrust, and therefore, there's no friction that results in regular BRUSHED motors to burn out. This is why brushless motors last much longer, because there are no brushes to wear out.


GPS Auto Return Home Failsafes

Drone is equipped with incredible RTH features, meaning the drone AUTOMATICALLY RETURNS HOME in the following situations:

Critically Low Battery

Loss of Signal

RTH Button is Pressed

This means you'll NEVER lose your drone!

*Important-Like all GPS drones, you must ensure you're in GPS Mode before take-off (Mode 2)


Intelligent Follow-Cams 

Drone combines a powerful camera with intelligent shooting modes for stunning results. Creative aerial photography has never been this easy.


Smooth 5GHz FPV Transmission

Drone can fly up to 1200M in total flight range. That's 3/4 of a Mile! Or nearly 4,000 FT.

And with the Auto Return Home feature, there's never a reason to worry about losing it. Simply press the Automatic Return to Home button, then sit back and relax as you watch your drone autonomously fly back to you.


30Mins Long Flight Time on a Single Charge

Drone with LONG Flight Time: With the long lasting 7.6V x 2600mAh High Capacity Intelligent Battery, you'll be able to explore for 30 minutes per battery. That's longer than most similar drones.

The LED status light indicator on the back will tell you how much power is left. There's also a low battery alert to let you know when to bring the drone back in.


Intelligent Flight Mode

Accurately realize the hover position of height and position, and realize Indoor optical flow modeOutdoor GPS mode wind resistance and aerial stability.


Instantly Create, Edit, and Share Videos

Recorded an amazing moment and want to share it on social media? NO PROBLEM!

Flightelf's App allows you to quickly and easily edit and add music, filters, trimming, etc. to your impressive drone videos. Then simply press the SHARE button and choose how you want to share it (Facebook, Youtube, Email, Messenger, etc.).

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