X12 4K Drone with 3-Axis Gimbal, Smart Follow, and 5G Wi-Fi

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A Safe Drone Choice for Any Purpose

Picking a beginner-friendly drone that also includes professional features can be confusing. The selection process is difficult because most professional drones are built for experienced users. If you are searching for a multi-featured drone with useful features, then the X12 4K Drone is the answer. Its features such as extended range, four-fold positioning systems, GPS tracking, and return are designed for enhanced safety. The stock application has a dedicated beginner mode that helps train new users in developing professional drone handling skills. Its usability and features make it an easy starter choice for anyone looking to step into the world of professional camera drones.

X12 4K Drone Camera

The X12 4K drone is equipped with a high definition 4K camera that Captures Photos in 4k (4096 × 3072) and Shoots Videos in FHD (1920 × 1080) at 25 FPS. The drone has many features that automate flying controls, such as 360° circling, that are hard for beginners to execute. The quality is augmented by the onboard stabilisation systems that prevent pixel distortion due to shaking. A -90° to 0° Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) range provides ample camera mobility to adjust the First Person View (FPV) as needed. These features help direct your undivided attention towards piloting the drone and shooting photos and videos.

X12 4K drone

Multi-featured Drone Configured for Beginners

The X12 4K drone helps beginners take their first steps in becoming professional camera drone pilots. It is a Multi-featured Drone with Gravity Sensor Controls, Geo-Fence, Beginner Mode, and One-Key Takeoff and Landing. The Beginner Mode restricts the drone’s flight radius to 200 meters and altitude to 120 meters. The restriction helps users train their flying skills before venturing on more daring flights. However, the feature is just as useful to professionals. For example, in windy conditions, limiting the drone’s flight range and altitude is a necessary safety procedure.

X12 multifeatured drone

3 Axis Gimbal System for Enhanced Stability

Camera stability and dampening vibrations are vital for maintaining drone camera orientation for generating crisp image and video quality. The X12 4K drone has a 3 Axis Gimbal Stability System for maintaining camera focus in 3-dimensional space. The gimbal system provides Autonomous Stabilisation and Anti-Shaking capabilities that deliver excellent image and video quality with every shot.

X12 3 Axis Gimbal System

Uncompromising Image and Video Quality

The X12 combines a 4K HD PTZ camera, 4-Fold Positioning System, 3-axis gimbal, and computerised flight patterns in one drone. The result – Impeccable Video and Image Quality, even in windy conditions and fast-flying speeds.

X12 4k HD camera

X12 4K Drone with 50x Zoom

The X12 4K drone boasts just a good camera as its zoom lens. It has an impressive 1/3.2 CMOS Active Pixel Sensor that allows 50x Camera Zoom. The drone’s superb stability and camera quality Protect from Image and Video Pixelation.

X12 drone zoom lens

5G Wi-Fi Enabled

5G Technology has become a standard in RC drones, and the X12 lives up to the standards. It provides seamless FPV camera feed and controller response with strong 5G Wi-Fi Signals that maintain the connection with your drone.

X12 5G Wi-Fi connection

Superlong 1200 Meter Range

The X12 4K drone has a 1200 Meter Range Operational Range, which covers all beginner and even most professional use cases. It has a self-homing feature that returns the drone to the starting point if gets out of range. As a result, your drone remains safe and returns to starting point even if you accidentally cross the operational range.

X12 1200m range

Performant Four-Fold Positioning Systems

The X12 4K drone doesn’t just stop with one positioning system: it has four of them! The optical flow sensors gather inflight movement data and transmit it to the flight processors for stabilisation. The additional ultra-sonic positioning, GPS, and Barometer feature enable the drone to hover steadily without GPS signals. It has an impressive Vertical Accuracy of +/-0.5m, ±0.2m, and Horizontal Accuracy of +/-1.5m, ±0.3m.

X12 four fold positioning system

Barometer Positioning for Accurate Hover Mode

The X12 4K drone brings Barometer Positioning for increasing the accuracy of the Hover Mode. The flight processors utilise the data from the barometer sensors to adjust hover mode in real-time for the best results.

X12 4K drone barometer sensor

X12 4K Drone Ultrasonic Sensor Capability

The Two Ultrasonic Sensors generate ultrasounds that bounce off the ground. The return echos are interpreted by the sensors to determine the current altitude. The sensors work with the optical flow systems to accurately maintain Hover Mode.

X12 4K drone ultrasonic sensors

GPS Return To Home (RTH) for Drone Security

You never have to worry about losing your drone due to accidental or range-related features with the X12. It comes preconfigured with a Smart GPS Return To Home (RTH) feature that automatically Returns the Drone to its Starting Point if it loses signal or runs low on battery. The controller also has a dedicated One-Key Return to simplify drone return. These features make the X12 4K drone a reliable choice for beginners and risky situations.


X12 4K Drone AI-Based Precision Smart Follow

Smart Follow is an integral feature of modern drones. The X12 4K drone takes it a step further and provides Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision-Based Smart Follow that accurately track moving objects. The drone can Follow from a Fixed or Parallel Angle, including various other angles. The advanced AI gives the X12 an incredibly smart follow system that tracks its designated object with extreme accuracy. 

X12 4K drone smart follow

Point of Interest (POI) for 360° Surround Flight

The POI Feature locks the drone on a point, and it will begin looping around it at a set distance. It will Fly Full 360° Rotations until POI is disabled. POI is an innovative, automated feature that enables you to Take Astonishing Photos and Videos. It lets you focus more on the camera than operating the drone itself in a perfect 360° loop. 

X12 point of interest feature

Predefine Your Route with Waypoint Flight

Why fly your drone manually when you can opt for Waypoint Flight? The nifty feature sets waypoints for the drone, which defines a set path for it. As a result, you can give your full attention to the camera detail and let the drone handle the rest. 

X12 waypoint flight

Advanced Brushless Motors

The secret to the X12’s performance lies in its Brushless Motors. This new generation of motors has a permanent magnet as their external rotor and lacks internal brushes. Furthermore, they track rotor movements to adjust their power consumption to deliver Energy Efficiency for increased battery life. Brushless motors have a Longer Serviceable Life due to their Advanced DesignNo Internal Brushes mean Minimum Maintenance and Compact Design. Consequently, this also Reduces Heat produced, which can damage the motor if it crosses a safe threshold. 

X12 brushless motor

High-Capacity Modular Battery

The X12 4K drone uses a High-Capacity, 11.4V, 2400 mAh Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) Battery for drawing power. It takes about 5 Hours to Recharge and delivers a 25 Minute Flight Time. The Modular Battery Design makes it easy to insert and eject the battery without applying force, which can otherwise damage it. The Li-Po material recharges quickly and has a long life, which gives you more value for your money.   

X12 4k drone high capacity modular battery

The X12 4K Drone is Unbelievably Portable

The X12 weighs in at just 0.437 kg and comes with its customised portable bag. There are separately moulded compartments for every component, which secures them during travel. 

portable X12 4K drone

Compact, Foldable Design

The X12 is easy to carry everywhere. It measures just 17.7 x 9 x 5.5cm When Packed and 19.6 x 17.7 x 7cm When Unpacked. To pack it, fold in the arms and propellers, and you are good to go!   

foldable X12 4K drone

X12 4K Drone with Stylish Lights

The X12 doesn’t just work well – it also looks good. The RC drone has both Frontal Lights and Switch Lights that give it a nice look. The lights also come in handy during misty weather conditions when visibility is poor and spotting your drone is hard.   

X12 foldable drone
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