X17 6K Dual Camera Drone with 2-Axis Gimbal Stability System

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The Choice of Professionals for 6K HD Recording

Are you searching for a professional drone with the right tools for the job? Then look no further than the X17 6K Dual Camera Drone, designed by industry experts for drone professionals. It has a super-wide, 6K HD Camera and a 2-Axis Gimbal for stability. Because of this, it delivers excellent results with each shot. Moreover, it has a Smart Folding Design, return feature, gesture recognition, and numerous other features at your disposal. It is indeed a must-have for those who want perfect results from their camera drone.

6K HD Camera

The 6K HD Camera of the X17 has six times the quality of a regular 1080p one. Its 90°, 2-axis gimbal keeps the camera steady against unwanted movements. The aperture lens has a 120° Field Vision that provides a super-wide view for capturing visual feed. Besides, the onboard Electronic Stability Control (ESC) keeps your drone stable. These generate the quality results that the X17 6K dual-camera drone is famous for.

X17 6K Dual Camera Drone

Foldable “FOLO” Design

The X17 6K dual camera drone has its unique own “FOLO” design that makes it small when packed. The simplified folding and opening help users pack and unpack their drones when needed.

The unpacked drone measures 26 x 26 x 6.7 cm and can be packed to 17 x 11.5 x 6.7 cm. The quality materials and smart design keep the parts looking just as good as new even after extensive usage.

foldable x17 6k dual camera drone design

6K HD Camera

Make every shot count with the highly detailed 6K HD camera of the X17 6K dual camera drone.

6K dual camera drone

Bottom Camera for Panoramic Views

Instead of the usual camera position, the X17 6K dual camera drone has one at its base. This feature allows your drone to Capture Panoramic Views. Capture beautiful panoramic views like never before with the Bottom Camera.

x17 6k dual camera drone bottom camera

X17 6K Dual Camera Drone 2-Axis Gimbal Stability

The onboard 2-Axis Gimbal System can Turn at 90° to keep the camera stable. It also reduces shaking, which in turn gives the best quality for your images and videos. Also, the 2-axis gimbal does not need setup. Combined with the certified Level 6 Wind Resistance, you can always expect your drone camera to deliver striking results.

2-axis gimbal mechanism

Brushless Motors

The X17 Brushless Motors are built with the latest in drone technology. Additionally, the four motors are certified at Level 6 Wind Resistance and can reach 30 Km/h (or 7 m/s).

The brushless motors have a permanent magnet as its external rotor instead of electromagnets. It uses advanced sensors for tracking rotor movements and adjusting power supply. The motors possess the following benefits:

  • Minimum Maintenance: No internal brushes means there is little need for cleaning.
  • Power Efficiency: The position sensor feedback accurately controls changing the frequency of electricity. No internal brushes mean very little mechanical energy is lost to friction forces, thus increasing flying time.
  • Compact Design: The brushless motors produce very little heat and are small in size. It gives better performance and needs less power compared to brushed motors.
  • Low Noise Levels: The motors need less power and dampen torque ripple to reduce sound.
  • Motors Remain Cool: No-brush design ultimately decreases energy lost to friction forces, resulting in less heat.
brushless motor
X17 6K dual camera drone features

Smart GPS Return Feature

With the X17 6K dual camera drone, you never have to worry about losing your drone! It uses a reliable GPS Tracking System that continually monitors its location. The drone marks the starting point and transmits its current position in real-time. It also has Self-Homing capabilities that allow it to return unassisted. Talk about convenience!

smart GPS return feature

Real-Time Feed with 5G Wi-Fi FPV

View through the camera feed of your drone in real-time with zero lag in First Person View (FPV). The X17 6K dual camera drone also supports a seamless 5G Wi-Fi Connection. The 800 Meters Range means you never have to worry about losing the signal to your drone.

It is super easy to connect the drone with the application. The Ergonomically Designed Controller further improves the drone driving experience. 

5G wifi fpv

Ergonomic Remote Controller Design with Drawer Type Bracket

User feedback has been a central element when designing the remote controller. The resulting controller is portable, ergonomic, and fits snugly in your hands.

The controller supports the connected mobile device through a Dedicated Drawer Type Bracket. This arrangement essentially turns the mobile phone and controller into one control. You can then view and control the drone without distractions. No need to manage the mobile and controller separately either! 

The app is available both on Google Play Store and App Store. Therefore, you can work with both Android or iOS mobile devices.

remote control drawer type bracket

Modular Battery Design & Power Display

Checking battery levels is simple with the X17 6K dual camera drone. One look at the Built-in Battery Power Display is all you need to do. The Modular Battery Design facilitates inserting and removing the battery. These save you the trouble of recharging integrated batteries or difficult charging positions.

The Lithium-Polymer (Li-Po) Battery powers the drone for a 30-Minute Flight. It also has a long life and does not lose its charging capacity despite use.

modular battery design and power display

GPS Localization & Advanced Optical Flow

The X17 6K dual camera drone comes with GPS Localization and Optical Flow Sensors for stability and Location Tracking. The optical flow systems monitor the movement of the drone and send this data to the flight processors. The X17 uses this data to keep the drone hovering in one place without any unwanted movement.

The 2-axis gimbal stability, Level 6 Wind Resistance, GPS, and optical flow make it one of the best drones on the market.

GPS localization and optical flow

Flight Speed

The X17 6K dual camera drone reaches Speeds of 7 m/s thanks to the brushless motors. The design reduces air resistance that would otherwise slow it down. The design is a major reason for its Level 6 Wind Resistance rating.

gps optical flow

X17 6K Dual Camera Drone HD Recording

With 6K, you never have to worry about quality.

6k HD recording

Gesture Recognition for Pictures/Videos

Taking your pictures and videos is now just a gesture away! The X17 6K dual camera drone comes loaded with the next-generation of Gesture Recognition technology. It intelligently identifies gestures as signals for taking pictures and videos.

With gestures, you have to rely on no one for snapping photos and videos. Perfect for both group photos and when you are alone.

gesture recognition

Intelligent Follow Tracking

The X17 6K dual camera drone takes movement tracking to another level with its Intelligent Follow capabilities. The drone’s tracking feature uses computer vision AI to pick a target. It is subsequently capable of Tracking the Target at a 5-Meter Distance.

The drone follows and takes photos/videos once the target is locked. The Intelligent Follow feature covers many activities. These range from extreme supports to softer activities.

intelligent follow feature

Autopilot with Waypoint Flight

You can fly the X17 6K dual camera drone to its destination through the Waypoint Flight feature. All you have to do is set the waypoint from the remote controller. It then uses the GPS and optical sensors to find the path towards the objective by itself. Just mark where on the map you want the drone to go. The X17 handles the rest from there. It’s that simple!

waypoint flight feature of x17 6K dual camera drone
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