Flying Car Remote Control Car

£66.99 £125.90
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In the future there'd be flying cars they said... well yes, now you can actually get one for yourself, although you'll have to be content with a remote control version! This Flying Car RC Drone is one of the hottest new toys on the market, and is sure to appeal to both drone and remote control car enthusiasts.

If you can't decide whether to buy a drone or a remote control car then this is the perfect toy for you! you don’t have to! This awesome vehicle goes from four wheels to flight completely seamlessly, darting into the air whenever you like. And, when it’s in the air, it’s easy to control thanks to its 4-axis gyroscope and one-key return.

It also has ‘Headless Mode’, which means that any side of the drone can become the front, so it always goes the way you steer it – perfect for beginners. Once you start to get the hang of it, then you can get a little more technical and start doing 360 degree flips!

This flying drone car has a 3.7V, 550 mAh rechargeable battery, which gives you a flight time of 6 to 8 minutes. It is super easy to recharge, simply plug it into any USB outlet using its included charger and juice it up for between 120 and 150 minutes. Then you’re good to go again!


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