K911 MAX GPS Drone 8K Dual HD Camera

£169.99 £459.90
Camera :

Product Specifications (cm):Expand: 32*32*8CM / Fold: 15.5*9*8CM

Main material: ABS, hardware, electronics

Battery parameters: 7.4V 1800mAh

Remote control charging method: USB cable charging

Charging method: USB cable charging

USB charging time: about 90 minutes

Flight time: about 20 minutes

Remote control distance: about 1200 meters

5GWIFI image transmission distance: about 600 meters

911MAX features: 360° omnidirectional laser obstacle avoidance

Flight Environment: Indoor/Outdoor

Remote control frequency: 2.4GHz

PTZ: ESC remote control 90 degrees up and down


Fence: height 120 meters / distance 300 meters adjustable

Motor Specifications: Brushless Motor 1503

Camera resolution 5G version:

Top shot picture 8K (7680Px4320P) / video 4K (3840Px2160P)



1.360° omnidirectional laser obstacle avoidance GPS positioning plus optical flow positioning dual mode

2.Dual camera switching

3.Brushless Motor

4.8K pixels

5.Equipped with a 90-degree camera that can be continuously adjusted

6.Level 7 wind resistance

7.runaway return

8.low battery return

9.One key return

10.Battery life about 20 minutes

11.5g high-definition image transmission

12.Smart follow

13.Gesture to take a photo

14.50x zoom

15.Point of Interest Surrounding

Package Includes:


Remote control*1

Body battery*1 (multiple batteries can be selected)

Storage bag*1


Spare fan blades*4

USB charging cable*1



PRO models do not have an obstacle avoider

The MAX model has an obstacle avoider

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