L106 Camera Professional 8K GPS 5G

£269.99 £599.90
Camera :

Product size: 35*32*7cm Remote control: 2.4Ghz foldable remote control (with bracket)

PTZ angle vertical, about 90° automatic repair

Folding size: 17*10*7cm Remote control distance: 1200 meters (no interference, no obstruction)

PTZ angle, lateral, about 110° automatic repair

Remote control battery: Rechargeable lithium battery (built-in)

PTZ angle lateral, about 70° automatic repair

Body weight: 332g Body battery: 7.6V 3000mAh

Adjustable lens angle Approximately vertical 90°adjustable

Battery weight: 80.6g Charging method: USB charging, battery built-in balanced charging Image

Single box weight: Charging time: about 180 minutes

Carton size: Flight time: about 25 minutes

Gross/net weight: Motor specifications: 1805 brushless motor


Optical flow positioning In indoor mode, adjust the flight through the image recognized by the bottom lens to achieve the fixed-point hovering effect (with certain environmental requirements)

GPS positioning Real-time display of the altitude, distance, latitude and longitude of the current aircraft from the home point through GPS signals

Three-axis gimbal during the flight, the gimbal will automatically adjust the angle according to the body state to achieve a stable picture

The ESC camera can be used to control the vertical shooting angle of the camera through the remote control or APP during the flight

Camera switching: The front camera and bottom camera of the drone can be freely switched during flight

Waypoint Flight In GPS mode, the aircraft will fly according to the selected location on the map

Trajectory flight In indoor mode, the aircraft will fly according to the planned route

Owner Tracking Click on Owner Tracking in indoor mode and select the target, the aircraft will fly with the target person

Palm control Tap the palm control in indoor mode, the aircraft will fly up and down with the palm of the hand after the target is recognized

GPS follow Tap GPS follow in GPS mode, the aircraft will follow the phone to fly

Flying around in GPS mode, the aircraft will fly around with the current position as the center of the circle, and the position of the aircraft can be adjusted during the process

One-key return: Turn on this function in GPS mode, and the aircraft will automatically return and land at the take-off position

Low battery return: The aircraft automatically recognizes the position and the battery required for returning home. When the battery is too low, it will automatically return and land at the take-off position.

Lost control and return to home. After the aircraft is disconnected from the control terminal (mobile phone APP, remote control) for 3 seconds, the aircraft will automatically return and land at the take-off position

Gestures to take photos/videos. Facing the front lens of the camera, make corresponding gestures to trigger the aircraft's automatic photo/video function


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