X22 Drone 6K Dual HD Camera, GPS Positioning 3-Axis Gimbal

£583.99 £1,157.90


1. With headless flight mode;
2. Intelligent return to home (3 modes);
3. With loop flight mode;
4. With intelligent follow mode;
5. With waypoint (track) flight mode;
6. It has a gradual distance flight mode;
7. One key to the sky;
8. With spiral rising mode;
9. With constant speed cruise mode;
10. Dual positioning (GPS positioning + optical flow positioning);
11. Three-axis brushless PTZ camera, shooting in all directions;


Foldable body + storage backpack: The body adopts an innovative cross-folding and convenient folding design, which is convenient for you to carry it anytime, anywhere.

Dual HD Camera: 6K HD camera, 90° adjustable angle. 720P HD botton camera, 60° fixed angle lens.

3-Axis Mechanical Gimbal: Intelligent Keep Balance, anti-shake shooting to make the picture clearer.

Brushless Motor: The motor runs more powerfully, it has strong wind resistance, less noise, longer service life, and it can avoid machine maintenance.

33 Minutes Endurance: It built in 11.1V 3300mAh lithium battery

Headless Mode: You can accurately lock the height and location, stable hover, easy to control the drone.

Follow Me Mode: Lock you as the object, then fly following you automatically without control, continuously capture their actions and activities.

Orbital Flight: Fly in a circle around the point which is choose.

Package Includes:

Drone*1 (battery included),

Remote control*1 (battery included),

Instruction manual *1,

Fan blades (L, R*2 each),


USB charging cable*1,

Spare screws*8

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