X8PRO 720p HD Selfie Drone

£242.99 £455.90

Want To Take Your Photography Passion To The Next Level?

Photography is an art that nearly every one of us enjoys. Be it someone professional or someone new to it, the joy of capturing moments with a camera is unparalleled. This amazing selfie drone lets you enjoy this activity even more with various unique features!

The X8PRO features a high-quality HD 720p camera that can be rotated up and down with its remote controller, that connects to it via your cell phone's Wi-Fi. With its FPV Drone, you can capture amazing photographs, drone video, and live stream aerial video for as long as 9 minutes!

This drone quadcopter is a lightweight structure made of resilient ABS plastic and is equipped with a GPS positioning system. This advanced system allows users to benefit from its hover function, which allows it to maintain its altitude at a constant level to get smooth video and shots. Moreover, this GPS system enables it to return back to its take-off point in case it goes out of range or its battery is low.

Additionally, the 6-axis gyro in this mini drone with camera makes it very stable during flight and allows its users to take-off and land with a single press of a button!


  • 720p HD camera with rotation
  • WiFi connectivity via smartphone
  • Live video streaming
  • GPS positioning system for one-key return 
  • 6-axis gyro for perfect balancing 


1 x Syma X8PRO Airplanes
1 x 720p Camera
1 x Remote control (mode 2)
1 x Phone Holder
1 x 7.4 v 2000 mah battery
8 x Helix
4 x Helix Stopper
4 x Ring Guard
4 x Landing Gear
1 x Card Reader
1 x EU charger
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Key
1 x English User Manual

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